Black History Month - A day in the life of a Renaissance art historian

ExRdFestival · Black History Month - A Day In The Life Of A Renaissance Art Historian

After leaving school at the age of sixteen with no qualifications, in 2000 Leslie Primo found himself working in London’s National Gallery shop and then in the Education Department as a lecturer, which fuelled his ambition to study in the art world.  

Diagnosed with dyslexia during his subsequent studies at Birkbeck UCL, Leslie more than achieved his ambition, becoming a prominent authority on the art of the Renaissance, subsequently branching out to encompass art from the Byzantium to the Victorian age. Today his expertise informs the courses he teaches from the Bishopsgate Institute and City Lit to Imperial College London, where he became their first Art Historian lecturer. He is currently writing a book, ‘From Renaissance to Abolition: A New History of British Art’, due to be published in 2023.