Eco-murals: Bringing the biodiversity crisis to our city centres


Scientists and artists discuss their work and the role public art can play in bringing a community together to take action against human-induced mass extinction of life on Earth.

This month a series of murals will appear in city centres across the UK conveying the idea that human beings are responsible for the sixth great mass extinction faced by life on Earth. In this session, Simon Levey, the Communications Manager for the Grantham Institute for Climate Change and the Environment, will be joined by Imperial ecologist Will Pearse and two of the contributing artists, Bryony Benge-Abbott and Michelle Meola, discuss the outcomes of this year’s Grantham Climate Art Prize, and how grassroots arts projects can benefit biodiversity at a local scale.  

The Grantham Climate Art Prize saw scientists and artists across the country paired together with local community groups to produce these public art murals. Find out more about their experiences of collaboration, the importance of protecting biodiversity and the power of public art in communicating messages.