Meet the UK's Green Poet


Thirteen years ago, Martin Kiszko decided to educate himself about the world’s various environmental crises, by challenging himself to write one green poem a week for a year.

Today, Martin has published two books of environmental poetry, Green Poems for a Blue Planet and Verse for the Earth as well as the world’s first epic eco poem for children — King Frank and the Knights of the Ecoquest. His one-man show has been performed everywhere from LA to China, Dubai to the Edinburgh Fringe. It is a body of work that has seen Martin explore everything from ocean plastic and ghost fishing to space junk and our shopping habits. Describing himself an ‘elbow nudger’ or ‘seed planter’, Martin invites his audience to look at what threatens our world through the gentle prods within his humorous verse.

Join Martin at the Great Exhibition Road Festival to explore his career as he performs excerpts from his green back catalogue and discusses his belief in the power of poetry to bring about the societal change necessary to save the planet.

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