Unloved Animal Club: Creatures in the climate crisis


Our warming planet threatens life on every continent. Seven scientists present seven vulnerable species that need more appreciation and protection as the world changes.

The Unloved Animals Club is coming to the Great Exhibition Road Festival! Our seven scientists compete for your affection as they show love to their favourite creatures in crisis. Representing animals from each continent, our experts will take us from the cold reaches of Antarctica to the warm beaches of the Chagos islands, sharing their stories and explaining how we, and the rest of the world benefit from these underappreciated animals.  

Each speaker will also highlight how these creatures are navigating the perils of climate change and what we can do to help them, whilst the audience submits questions and votes to show which critter has won their affection. To conclude the evening poet extraordinaire Dr Robin Lamboll will recite a piece transporting us around the world to the very places these animals live.