Augmented physicality: Can AR blur the lines of sport and gaming?


Join gaming and AR experts discussing technology's potential to bring gaming experience to new sectors like sport, exercise or the experience economy.

Away from the escapist, immersive potential of Virtual Reality headsets and metaverse buzz, Augmented Reality’s merging of the virtual and real world has been growing in specific enterprise and commercial applications. Could its future start to blur the lines that separate traditional sport from virtual gaming?

Freed from the confines of VR’s enclosed playing spaces, and powered by new 5G-enabled motion, environment, and body and face-tracking technologies, AR has the potential to create dynamic and physical gaming, sporting or social experiences - experiences that are other-worldly whilst allowing freedom of movement and expression around real-world arenas or stages.

For this discussion, Festival sponsor Huawei invites a panel of experts on gaming, e-sports and alternative sports to look at how these sectors might adopt and adapt to maturing AR technology.