The future of fashion: clothes as canvas


From tackling societal injustice to ad(dressing) the climate crisis, upcoming designers and fashion experts from the Royal College of Art and the V&A discuss the future of the industry and the trailblazers who will steer it.

What’s fashion’s role in the modern world? How are the designers of tomorrow dealing with issues like societal injustice, the climate crisis, or questions over ethical practices within the wider clothing industry?

At the Royal College of Art fashion students are encouraged to discover their own values, the hope being that these values inform their designs and drive new ways of communicating identity that challenge the nature of what fashion is. Perhaps such thinking might move the focus beyond the runway and on to objects to be purchased and worn?

At the Great Exhibition Road Festival, we are delighted to welcome Zowie Broach, Head of Programme for MA Fashion at the RCA, alongside current RCA MA Fashion students and founder of fashion label A-COLD-WALL* Samuel Ross, who will discuss the future direction of the industry and the trailblazers who still steer it.