AI: Inner State of Mind/e

A rear side view of a robot shooting red lasers

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Saturday 15 & Sunday 16 June

12.00 - 18.00

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NextGen Zone

The Smith Centre (Science Museum)

Our Young Producers invite you to take a walk through the mind of an AI. Explore this new world through an immersive and multisensory installation.

Our Young Producers present an interactive installation exploring our co-dependant relationship with Artificial Intelligence. Through an immersive multisensory piece, they investigate the contradictions that lie within our use and development of AI technologies.

We fear it and love it at the same time, appreciating its convenience and reliability while dreading its perceived humanity and the deep knowledge it collects about our lives. The Young Producers challenge our evolving reliance on robots, encouraging the audience to question their own relationships with the AIs we all use on a daily basis.

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This is a drop in event for young people. The event has step-free access.

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Event categories

  • Young People (13-25)
  • Exhibit
A rear side view of a robot shooting red lasers