Art of Science talks

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Saturday 15 & Sunday 16 June

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Sir Alexander Fleming Building, Imperial College London

Enjoy inspiring talks on people, projects and ideas that fuse science with the arts.

From tracing the history of AI within art and literature across cultures to experiencing a unique performance by Royal College of Music students using newly invented and augmented instruments developed by Imperial College London. 


    13.30-14.15 The Story of Time with Professor Jim Al-Khalili 

    15.00-15.55 A Repairing Revolution

    16.30-17.25 Future Sounds: Classical Instruments Meet Digital Tech


    13.30-14.15 Reimagine London Together

    15.00-15.45 AI in Pop Culture

    16.30-17.15 Recreating the Real Loch Ness Monster

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    • Adults
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