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Skeletal human figures

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Saturday 17 & Sunday 18 June


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Imperial College London

Take a tour of wonders within the human body. In our Brilliant Bodies zone, you can marvel at the ingenious engineering and design within us all, before exploring what can go wrong.

Starting with space between our ears, we will be making paper brain hats with dementia researchers, before finding out what all that grey matter feels like with our hyper real simulations to reduce animal testing in medical research.

Finally, you can hook your mind up to one of our EEG machines to see how different parts light up when completing different tasks. We will celebrate the amazing features of the female body before working through the immune system, including handling 'fake blood' samples with the lab equipment used to isolate immune cells.

If that's not enough, we will get close to the bone exploring our skeletal system through building spines out of clay, and performing knee surgery, before finishing with a giant DNA puzzle to help us understand the story of our genetic code and how life influences it.

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Skeletal human figures