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Cell Poetry

A black drawing of scientific items on white paper with a pencil

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Saturday 15 & Sunday 16 June


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Lower Ground Drum Lecture Theatre, Brilliant Bodies Zone, Business School

Business School, Imperial College London

An ode to a cell! Write your own rhyme, spit out a sonnet or hurl out a haiku as you delve into poetry with a microscopic twist.

It begins with some poets and a scientist or two.
They love cells you see and want to involve you.

These courageous units of life deserve a clap or three,`
they after all make up most of you and me.
A poem shall suffice to show our appreciation,
no matter whether we use a metaphor, simile or alliteration!

So look inside yourself and what do you see?
Guided by our experts – a cell poem, to be or not to be?

This drop-in workshop will introduce you to cellular science; including how cells were discovered in the 17th century, what the different types of cells are, and why they form the building blocks of all life on the planet. Choose your favourite fact, an inspiring image or thought-provoking theory to form the basis of your very own poem.

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This is a drop in event that is most suitable for ages 7+. The event has step-free access and a hearing loop system.

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  • Adults
  • Family (ages 5+)
  • Young People (13-25)
  • Workshop
A black drawing of scientific items on white paper with a pencil