Latest events

Explore the science and art of wellbeing with this month's events for all ages. From a moon drawing workshop to a talk with a magician, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Ages 12+

A day in the life of an Academic Magician

Peek behind the curtain with a magician helping surgeons develop new skills.

Adult event

Arts, health and wellbeing

Explore the effects of arts engagement on mental and social wellbeing

Family event

Moon drawing art class

Capture the beauty of our celestial companion while exploring the story of how it came to be with a real moon scientist!

Re-imagining transport

An artist and engineering discuss the importance of connecting people IRL in our increasingly digital society

Design engineering summer show

Visions of the future are showcased in this design engineer exhibition from Imperial Dyson School of Design Engineering and the Royal College of Art

Uncovering secrets within paintings

Explore how AI-powered chemical analysis is uncovering forgotten figures beneath a Leonardo da Vinci painting.