Latest events

Celebrate makers and creators in science and the arts with more free online events this month.

Origami Outbreak

Celebrate World Origami Day and learn about infectious diseases by creating your own immune cells out of scrap paper with our infectious disease experts.

A day in the life of … a brain imaging scientist and an audio-visual artist

The scientist and artist behind a new digital exhibit exploring brain imaging discuss their careers and how art can help visualise future technologies.

Family festival quiz

Join us for a live family quiz with the Natural History Museum all about your favourite dangerous dinosaurs and awesome astronauts.

Performing music, performing medicine

Marvellous musicians and medics explore how performance science can improve their practice.

Prince Albert and the Crystal Palace

Come on a virtual tour of the Crystal Palace, home of the Great Exhibition, learn about its fantastic legacy and then be brought around the stunning Albert Memorial.

Only Connect

Explore how art and science can work together to communicate stem cell research.

The Engineers: Re-engineering the future

Engineers discuss being called on to re-purpose and solve the problems the global pandemic creates.

Translators: Robots in disguise?

Take a glimpse into the future of literary translation with Artificial Intelligence and learn about the challenges of recreating human literary ingenuity and creativity in computers.