Catch up on our Festival highlight events

Catch on on all the Great Exhibition Road Festival: One World talks and workshops! Meet the scientists, artists, designers and innovators finding solutions in the fight against climate change, from community projects to global action.


Eco-murals: Bringing the biodiversity crisis to our city centres

Scientists and artists discuss their work and the role public art can play in bringing a community together to take action against human-induced mass extinction of life on Earth.


Climate Justice

How can we ensure equality and basic human rights are preserved in the pursuit of saving the planet?


Human Health and Planetary Health

Find out how changing our diet could not only improve our health, but also tackle climate change, address biodiversity loss and stave off the next global pandemic.


Inside the Crystal Palace: The must-see exhibition of Victorian England

Explore the finest art and industrial design of the day during this guided tour of the Great Exhibition of 1851.


Eco-anxiety: Climate change’s toll on our mental health

Find out how the fight to save our planet could also improve our individual and collective wellbeing in this session exploring our emotional response to the climate crisis.


Meet the UK's Green Poet

From green banking to generating clean energy from our poo, Martin Kiszko tackles environment issues through his playful poetry.


Solving urban air pollution and green mobility

Learn how public health data, better air quality monitoring and smart green mobility could make our cities healthier places to live and explore.


Discovering science through children’s non-fiction picture books

Illustrators and writers celebrate the transformative power of an overlooked section of children’s literature to communicate science.


Dressing Green

Explore how new technologies, eco-business models and better regulatory oversight might end fast fashion and benefit the planet.


Treephonia: Reimagining our planet through sound

How can music help us forge new relationships with our environment and the places we inhabit?


Who's leading the climate conversation?

Explore the ways science, governments, fossil fuel lobbyists and environmental campaigners have changed how we talk about climate.


Crafty Science

Celebrate craftmanship, its links to material science and its potential to challenge our throwaway culture through a greater appreciation of how things are made.


Earthsong: science inspired poetry against climate change

A cross-cultural feast of science and poetry, investigating the danger our natural and human landscapes are facing across the globe and what we can do about it.


Making stuff greener

Explore the much-needed revolution in our manufacturing sector, from advanced energy and material efficiency to carbon capture, to new building materials and green chemistry


Sound tracking the rainforest: An audio-visual exploration of deforestation in Costa Rica

Immerse yourself within the sights and sounds of a forest ecosystem under threat with this digital artwork created by art collective super/collider.

A day in the life of a STEM Education Director

Pallavi Malhotra discusses her career from being a pioneering female telecommunications engineer to being Director for the Huawei ICT Academy Programme in Western Europe.


Weaving Waste

Get creative with the contents of your recycling bin and discover some of the surprising ways new life is brought to waste materials by artists and engineers.

Nature Live Online

Join us for a live stream event where a panel of Millennials and Generation Z discuss some of the core issues of the planetary emergency.


Innovating for a Greener Future

Meet the graduates of Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art who have gone on to develop innovative solutions to help build a greener, more sustainable world.

Discover the Great Exhibition

Discover the incredible story of the Great Exhibition of 1851. From its controversial planning process to its exhibitors, visitors and long legacy, you’ll uncover an event unlike any other.


Extreme weather forecasting in a warming world

Explore why severe weather warnings don’t always lead to simple life-saving public and government action, and why climate change means we need to get this right.

Unloved Animal Club: Creatures in the climate crisis

Our warming planet threatens life on every continent. Seven scientists present seven vulnerable species that need more appreciation and protection as the world changes.


Family Festival Quiz

Join us for some green entertainment with the return of our Festival Family Quiz!