What's on


Meet the UK's Green Poet

From green banking to generating clean energy from our poo, Martin Kiszko tackles environment issues through his playful poetry.


Green Poems for a Blue Planet

A humorous, theatrical and challenging eco-comedy stand-up poetry performance suitable for the whole family.


Treephonia: Reimagining our planet through sound

How can music help us forge new relationships with our environment and the places we inhabit?


Sound tracking the rainforest: An audio-visual exploration of deforestation in Costa Rica

Immerse yourself within the sights and sounds of a forest ecosystem under threat with this digital artwork created by art collective super/collider.


Earthsong: science inspired poetry against climate change

A cross-cultural feast of science and poetry, investigating the danger our natural and human landscapes are facing across the globe and what we can do about it.


The Hidden Life of Trees

A multifaceted portrait of ‘The Hidden Life of Trees’ author Peter Wohlleben on his mission to enhance our understanding of the intelligent fabric of our forests.

Unloved Animal Club: Creatures in the climate crisis

Our warming planet threatens life on every continent. Seven scientists present seven vulnerable species that need more appreciation and protection as the world changes.


Family Festival Quiz

Join us for some green entertainment with the return of our Festival Family Quiz!

Drawing From Music

The Great Exhibition Road Festival's celebration of our planet continues with this chamber concert reflecting the environment we live in.