Family activities

Enjoy these fun science and art activities for you and your family. Explore nature and the world around you, and think about how to look after it in the face of climate change.

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How do we start?

You can do the activities in any order, and you don’t have to do them all. Look at the activities with your family and pick the one you want to start with. Each activity sheet has all the instructions and lists the materials and equipment you need. Most activities use simple things like scissors, paper and glue.

The activities are:

The power of clay (PDF) – Use clay instead of plastic to help the planet.

Make an easy sun print (PDF) – Use solar power to make art from plants.

DIY puppet theatre (PDF) – Build a card theatre and put on a science show.

What can you see? (PDF) – Draw the past, present and future of your world.

Sing your own song (PDF) – Make up a song about climate change.

Pine cone invertebrates (PDF) – Learn about bugs and make some too.

Feel the force (PDF) – Use magnets to recycle rubbish into art.

360-degree periscope and object hunt (PDF) – Discover more about the world around you.

Recycling old into new (PDF) – Have a go at designing with recycled materials.

Nine activities to tackle climate change (PDF) – More ways to use the things in this pack.

Download the family pack introduction and safety instructions (PDF)

Stay safe

It is very important you stay safe while doing these activities.

These activities are designed to do as a family or in a group together. Children under 11 must be supervised by a responsible adult. Some activities use small parts that could be a choking risk and may not be suitable for children 3 years and under.

Follow the instructions carefully. Children should use the safety scissors provided. Wash your hands thoroughly after collecting leaves, flowers or pine cones. Some activities involve going to a park or green space. Children must be supervised by a responsible adult when going outside. In a medical emergency such as choking or a serious injury, immediately call 999.