AI in Pop Culture

Robot and human hands touching

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Sunday 16 June


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G16 Lecture Theatre

Sir Alexander Fleming Building, Imperial College London

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From The Terminator and Black Mirror to the robot friends common in Japanese comics, hear how writers and movie makers have influenced our expectations of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is going to have a global impact. However, people’s expectations and sense of fear or hope around the potential changes to come vary significantly across the world.

On a more local scale, public views on AI appear highly influenced by the culture they have grown up with and the stories that have been told about ‘intelligent machines’ in film, TV, books and art.

At the Great Exhibition Road Festival we will trace the history of ‘intelligent machines’ in art and literature, and explore how different cultural landscapes across the world influence how people envisage an AI future today. From utopian or dystopian, come find out how your expectations about AI’s impact fit within a global context.

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This event is part of the Art of Science talk series, shown at location number 22 on the Festival Map.

The advance tickets for this event have sold out but there will be drop-in spaces on the day.

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Robot and human hands touching