Swarm Dance: The AI Silent Disco

Woman and girl dancing

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Saturday 15 & Sunday 16 June

13.00-13.50, 14.30-15.20, 16.00-16.50

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Great Hall, Sherfield Building, Imperial College London

The advance tickets for this event have sold out but there will be drop-in spaces available on the day.

Cars create traffic flows, birds flock in mesmerising murmuration, and in the future, groups of collaborative mini-robots operating as a single artifical intelligence could help map, monitor, build, repair, clean, grow, and transport parts of our world (or explore new ones).

In each of these examples, individuals follow simple rules, which result in more complicated, collective behaviours and structures. We call this emergence - and perhaps there is no more emergent phenomena than dance!

At the Great Exhibition Road Festival, experts on emergent behaviour from the worlds of AI, physics and mathematics join forces with professional dancers to bring you the world’s most (artificially) intelligent silent disco where we'll explore emergence through movement together.

Swarm Dance has been created by artist Geraldine Cox, physicists and computer scientists from Imperial College London, and dance artist and teacher Emma Bellerby.

This event is suitable for ages 5+ with no dance experience or ability required. Workshops will run 13.00-13.50, 14.30-15.20 and 16.00-16.50 each day of the Festival

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Swarm Dance: The AI Silent Disco can be found at location number 25 on the Festival Map.

The advance tickets for this event have sold out but there will be drop-in spaces on the day.

If you have an advance ticket, please arrive at the venue 10 minutes before the start time. Your ticket gives you priority access, however, as this is a free event we overbook to help ensure a full event and your space may be reallocated. Early arrival reduces this risk.

This event has step-free access.

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  • Young People (13-25)
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Woman and girl dancing