Future Sounds: Classical Instruments Meet Digital Tech

A black triangular musical instrument with strings and keys, on a wooden surface

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Saturday 15 June


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G16 Lecture Theatre

Sir Alexander Fleming Building, Imperial College London

Experience a unique performance by Royal College of Music students using newly invented and augmented instruments developed by Imperial College London.

Music has long been a motivator for technological development, and every technology leaves its mark on music. Musicians' appetite for new sounds, combined with a rapidly changing tech landscape, is leading to a new generation of 'hybrid' instruments, containing elements both ancient and modern. Andrew McPherson is Professor in Design Engineering and Music at Imperial College London whose lab’s research involves designing new digital instruments. Projects have included the development of the magnetic resonator piano (a grand piano whose strings are played with electromagnets), TouchKeys (a keyboard that measures finger position on the keys), a hybrid acoustic-electronic violin and more.

For the Great Exhibition Road Festival, Andrew has teamed up with the Royal College of Music’s Gerardo Gozzi and students on his Improvisation class to demonstrate the ‘new sounds’ made possible by augmented instrumentation. Gerardo’s student will perform a combination of improvised and composed pieces using some of these futuristic instruments. If you would like to hear more from the Royal College of Music Improvisation students, further performances using Professor McPherson’s instruments will take place from 17.30-17.55 in the same lecture theatre.

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A black triangular musical instrument with strings and keys, on a wooden surface