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Hack Your Happiness

A woman with VR glasses and a pony tail flying up in the air touches a bright light against a mystical blue background

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Sunday 16 June


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The Lydia and Manfred Gorvy Lecture Theatre, Victoria and Albert Museum

How immersive technologies and simulated realities might improve our wellbeing and mental health in the real world

As the availability and quality of immersive artificial realities improves through technologies like VR and the metaverse, how will these simulated worlds impact our wellbeing in the real world? Despite knowing intuitively the latest hyper realistic video game or immersive head-set environment is not real, evidence suggests on some level our brain’s still react as if they are.

Whilst it might seem unnerving that we can trick our brains this way, there could be real benefits – helping us train in virtual reality to better manage mental health or anxiety issues we face in the real world, or curate environments specifically attuned to our self-care needs, and even to help us understand more about how the brain works.

At the Great Exhibition Road Festival we will look at some examples of how immersive technology and simulated realities could be used in the future to improve our mental health and wellbeing.

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Talks and discussions are intended for an adult audience and are most suitable for ages 14+.

This event is part of the Flourishing Futures talk series. The talk will have some advance tickets released to visitors closer to the Festival weekend as well as having drop in spaces on the day.

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The event has step-free access and a hearing loop system.

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A woman with VR glasses and a pony tail flying up in the air touches a bright light against a mystical blue background