A Repairing Revolution

A hand rewires a circuit board

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Saturday 15 June


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G16 lecture theatre

Sir Alexander Fleming Building, Imperial College London

Discover the art of restoring our possessions, why it’s important to resist replacing broken items and how we can all be part of a repairing revolution!

The popularity of the BBC’s Repair Shop shows an appreciation for the forgotten skills of repairing and restoring our much-loved possessions. But in reality most people don’t get their items repaired and very few have the skills to do it themselves... and yet a repairing revolution is in everyone's interest!

As well as the cost savings and sense of accomplishment that comes from extending the life of treasured possessions, repairing broken household items and devices rather than throwing them away has all kinds of environmental benefits. There is less waste, obviously, but you also save on the energy, materials and emissions involved in making a replacement, as well as the emissions and congestion involved in transporting it to the consumer.

Repairers and champions of repairing cultures come together at the Great Exhibition Road Festival to look at the barriers stopping people from trying their hand at fixing their stuff, and what can be done to build a grassroots repairing revolution.

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Talks and discussions are intended for an adult audience and are most suitable for ages 14+.

This event is part of the Art of Science talk series, shown at location number 22 on the Festival Map.

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A hand rewires a circuit board